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Menopause: implications for clinical practice and exercise prescription


There is a need for more education about the impact of the menopause on clinical practice. This paper discusses the ramifications of this period in a woman’s life, and the importance of and barriers to exercise and physical activity during and after it. The beneficial effects of exercise on all aspects of health are recognized as being vitally important during the menopause. The UK National Health Service has set a target of putting 1000 social-prescribing link workers in place by 2020–2021 in order to promote physical activity. This paper discusses the role that the physiotherapist can play as a movement expert. Aspects of pelvic floor dysfunction that are specific to this age group are also highlighted.

Keywords: exercise, menopause, oestrogen, pelvic floor dysfunction, physical activity.

Journal Details

Journal Title: POGP Journal Issue 129 - Autumn 2021

Issue Date: 06 September 2021

Issue: 129