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Research Links

In each edition of the JPOGP we feature a Research Reviews section which highlights some of the research being published in other journals which are likely to be of interest to our readership. As an extension of this, the research reviews team are excited to present our list of recent, relevant research links.

It is not an exhaustive list of the available evidence in each area, nor is it an analysis of the quality of each study. It is simply a list of recently published research papers which have caught the eye of the research reviews team. Our aim is to provide a starting point for members, highlighting some new and interesting research relevant to our field.

We recommend a comprehensive literature search for a more complete picture of the available resources. The simplest way to do this is to begin with a search on “Google Scholar.” For more targeted searches you can then move onto searching some indexing databases such as PubMed.

Accessing full versions of papers can be tricky. We have posted links to full access papers as much as possible. If you have a NHS service email address, you should be able to read full papers via your OpenAthens account. Another way is to contact the authors directly, as they are usually very happy to share their research. One easy way to do this is via “ResearchGate".

The research reviews team of volunteers will regularly add more articles so that this resource can continue to grow. We welcome any suggestions of papers or journals, and always have room for more volunteers on the team.

Please let us know if you find this resource helpful, or if you would like to suggest a recently
published paper.  Contact:


Birth - vaginal and cesarean section


Postnatal recovery - including recovery from tears, episiotomy and OASI


Return to sport and exercise


Incontinence, overactive bladder and bladder pain syndrome


Pain conditions, including Pudendal pain, Endometriosis and Vulvodynia.




Pelvic floor dysfunction


Faecal control issues




The Athlete


Assessment and treatment skills, devices and terminology