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POGP CONFERENCE 2017: Paraplegia and pregnancy


Pregnancy is becoming increasingly common in women with paraplegia. Improvements in the rehabilitation and quality of life of these individuals have resulted in an increase in their desire to bear children. Numerous difficulties already faced by these women can be worsened by both pregnancy and the added complications of the condition itself. The latter include autonomic dysreflexia and respiratory dysfunction, pressure ulcers, recurrent urinary tract infections, spasms, pelvic contractures, and anaemia. Adequate awareness and training of the medical, nursing, physiotherapy and midwifery teams are key to ensuring that these patients receive optimal care throughout their pregnancy and the puerperium. This article describes the journey of a patient through her pregnancy and the postnatal period, and outlines the importance of the involvement of the multidisciplinary team in providing patient-centred care.

Keywords: multidisciplinary team, paraplegia, patient-centred care, pregnancy

Journal Details

Journal Title: POGP Journal 123 - Autumn 2018

Issue Date: 10 October 2018

Issue: 123

Pages: 84