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Conference 2017 Continence products and medical devices: issues that pelvic health physiotherapists need to consider


This paper was inspired by Professor Mandy Fader’s talk about continence products and medical devices, which was presented at the 2017 POGP Annual Conference. The author relays Professor Fader’s informative advice on male continence products and the nature of medical product regulation, and also considers the role of medical devices and continence products in pelvic floor rehabilitation. The rules governing the manufacturing, labelling and advertising of medical devices are outlined, and the relevant Chartered Society of Physiotherapy quality assurance standards are reviewed. The author goes on to explore the definition of a medical device, the process of CE marking and regulation, and the rules regarding advertising a device in the UK. The responsibilities of physiotherapists who promote, market and advertise services and products to patients and the media are also discussed.

Keywords: continence products, continuing professional development, equipment, medical devices, quality assurance standards.

Journal Details

Journal Title: POGP Journal - 122 Spring 2018

Issue Date: 15 June 2018

Issue: 122

Pages: 122