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Conference 2017 Finding your inspiration in the clinic: my experience of research J. Bond


Conducting research need not be an intimidating prospect. It starts with a desire to understand something in more detail. We all experience moments when we question what is happening to a patient, and the best studies stem from attempts to get to the bottom of something that you have encountered. Knowing why you are interested in an area is initially more important than thinking that you understand exactly what you want to find out; this is because you will inevitably end up with more questions than answers. Keeping sight of the greater motivation for your research will carry you through the tougher parts of the work. The author discusses her own experience of carrying out a study: the highs, lows and challenges of the process, and the surprising benefits, which range from developing a supportive professional mentoring network to testing her own critical thinking and writing ability. Clinical research is the backbone of best practice. It is achievable within your own clinic, and offers you an opportunity to be an agent of change for both your patients and the profession.

Keywords: best practice, bladder pain syndrome, clinical research, inspiration, professional mentoring.

Journal Details

Journal Title: POGP Journal - 122 Spring 2018

Issue Date: 15 June 2018

Issue: 122

Pages: 122