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Conference 2017 What research can I start on Monday morning?


All physiotherapists are researchers, even though some may not realize it. Whether we undertake a PubMed search after seeing an unusual case, google a drug that one of our patients has been prescribed that we have not heard of before, or discuss a case with a colleague, we are always looking for answers. All of this is research, even if it is conducted in an informal way: we all have questions, and we are all looking for answers. Some of us do research in a more formal context, and our investigations attempt to answer questions in order to produce evidence, rather than just find solutions for our own clinical practice. Although many of us may feel that this type of study is out of our reach, we can all formalize our day-to-day research practices to disseminate our findings. A simple audit can be helpful in ensuring that evidence is being used to support our practice. Writing up and presenting a report of service development may not only improve your own patient care, but inspire others to look at ways to enhance their own. A simple case study can be published online at the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy’s Big Physio Survey. A literature review can be printed in the POGP journal, and help to answer a question that many of us have been asking. We can all do this. Others will go a step further and begin more-formalized work with the help of a university. Whatever shape your research takes, the cornerstones that I have found to be useful are as follows: do not be intimated; your question should be something that you are truly curious about; keep things simple; discuss your work with anyone who will listen; do not rush; and plan how you will disseminate your findings from the start. Research is exciting, so this is the challenge: get cracking on Monday morning.

Keywords: audit, case report, literature review, research, service evaluation.

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Journal Title: POGP Journal - 122 Spring 2018

Issue Date: 15 June 2018

Issue: 122

Pages: 122