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The Squeezy pelvic floor muscle exercise app: user satisfaction survey


Squeezy is a pelvic floor muscle exercise smartphone application (app) that was launched in September 2013 at the POGP Annual Conference. It advises women about how to perform pelvic floor muscle exercises (PFMEs), supports a physiotherapy-led exercise programme and encourages adherence. Over 60 000 copies of Squeezy have been sold worldwide, and it has been a winner or runner-up in seven awards. This paper describes the results of an in-app
survey that was completed by over 464 users in 2015. One of the most notable results shows that over 90% of those who were surveyed had increased the frequency of their PFMEs after beginning to use Squeezy.
Keywords: app, pelvic floor muscle exercise, Squeezy, user satisfaction survey.

Journal Details

Journal Title: POGP Journal 121 - Autumn 2017

Issue Date: 01 December 2017

Issue: 121