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POGP copyright policy and guidance

POGP publications are written by experts for POGP involving significant provision of time and resource. The publications are reviewed and updated regularly to remain current. POGP also has ownership of the copyright of the Mitchell Method of Physiological Relaxation. POGP are keen to make these resources available to members for the purposes of education and training. This document provides guidance on the copyright and intellectual property rights considerations that will be applied following requests for the use in part or whole of any POGP publication.

In general, copy requested should be for an individual’s own use for educational purposes (journal/academic use), or for the education of other healthcare professionals.

Business use of the POGP logo is available to full members of POGP but it must only relate to you as an individual practitioner, not the business as a whole. Other permitted use of the logo will be by request.

Copyright policy 

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