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Membership Categories

What are the different types of membership the POGP offers?

1.  Full membership

Subject to fulfilling the Affiliate membership criteria for POGP, there are three routes to Full membership:

Route 1 Completion of the Post Graduate Certificate or Masters qualification of the University of Bradford Women's Health or Continence courses, or the Brunel University Advanced Clinical Practice (Pelvic Health) programme.

Route 2 Completion of a Masters degree related to pelvic health and submission of a supporting statement or up-to-date CV indicating relevant, current clinical experience.

Route 3 Successful completion of a portfolio demonstrating knowledge and experience in pelvic health. Visit the Career Progression section of our website for further information.

(Please note: portfolio submission is paused until the data from the membership survey has been analysed, and the process for submission is currently under review. 01/10/2023)

AGM and voting rights for Full membership 

In this category the member may attend the AGM and have voting rights and may apply to be a trustee, a chair of a subcommittee and an area representative.

(For International Full membership, please see section 5 below.)


Also qualifying for this category

Chartered Physiotherapists who completed the theory and practice core modules of either of the above certificates and commenced their studies before September 2008 are also eligible for membership.

Also qualifying for this category includes six historical courses, which are no longer in existence. Completion of these programmes conferred eligibility for membership at that time:

  • Previous members of the Obstetric Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (OACP)
  • Retired chartered physiotherapists who prior to retirement were members of the association
  • Annually subscribing chartered physiotherapists who have completed one of the following courses:
  • ACPOG Part 1
  • ACPOG Foundation
  • POGP Post- registration course in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • PACE accredited Continence Course
  • Graduate Certificate in Professional Development in Health: Continence (University of East London)
  • Physiotherapy in Women's Health course (University of Bradford) prior to accreditation of the modules at Masters level
2.  Affiliate membership

This is available to physiotherapists, or those with a clinical interest in pelvic health physiotherapy, who are:

  • HCPC-registered physiotherapists who do not yet meet the criteria for Full membership.

AGM and voting rights for affiliate members

In this category the affiliate member may attend the AGM and have voting rights and may apply to be a subcommittee member.

(For International Affiliate membership, please see section 5 below.)


3. Student and new graduate membership

This is available to:

  • student physiotherapists currently enrolled on a suitable university course;
  • student physiotherapists registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP); or
  • new graduate physiotherapists up to two years post HCPC registration.

Students and new graduates benefit from a reduced membership rate but are not eligible to be on the POGP searchable directory.


4. Retired membership

Retired membership is available to UK-based retired physiotherapists. They will:

  • retain their membership category prior to retirement and therefore their original rights; and
  • be entitled to a reduced membership subscription fee.

We encourage our retired members to stay vocal on our social media pages to continue to share their knowledge base should they wish.


5. International membership

If you are a physiotherapist outside of the UK, you can apply for International Affiliate or International Full membership, depending on the criteria you meet.

International Affiliate membership is available to physiotherapists who do not reside or work in the UK and whose governing body is a member of World Physiotherapy (WP).

International Full membership is available to those meeting the above criteria for International Affiliate membership and who have successfully completed a suitable post-registration course in women's health or continence. An up-to-date CV indicating relevant, current clinical experience will also be required to complete the application.

If you wish to receive a hard copy of the biannual journal, an additional charge will be added to the subscription fee to cover postage: £6.50 for EU countries and £10.50 for other countries; or you can opt for online-only journal access which is free of charge.


Online content subscription

Our online content subscription is a great option if you are not eligible for the membership categories of POGP. The online content subscription option gives you full access to:

  • the internationally renowned POGP journal; and
  • the POGP Good Practice Statements.

You will not be eligible for the other benefits of POGP membership as outlined in our 'Benefits of Membership' section nor be considered a POGP Member.

Our internationally renowned journal and extensively researched and peer-reviewed Good Practice Statements are ever popular.

Those interested in an online content subscription may include midwives, doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors, nurses, fitness professionals, personal trainers, etc.


What are the costs of becoming a member?

Full membership (proof of course must be sent with application)

£67.60 per year
Affiliate membership

£67.60 per year

Retired membership

£20.00 per year

Student and new graduate £26.00 per year
Journal postage for international members - EU countries (optional) £6.50 per year
Journal postage for international members - Other countries (optional) £10.50 per year

What are the costs of becoming an online content subscriber?

Anyone can pay to access the online content subscription but health care professionals, fitness professionals and researchers may benefit most 

                 £67.60 per year


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