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Teenagers / Children

Difficulties with bladder and/or bowel function in children or teenagers may be as a result of how the bladder or bowel has grown or formed; an underlying medical condition or infection; or simply unintentional habits that have formed due to difficulties with toilet training; not drinking enough; or a history of constipation, pain or embarrassment. It isn’t anybody’s fault and should never be seen as laziness or boldness in a child.


There are two very important factors to consider in the assessment and management of children with bladder and / or bowel problems. Firstly, it is vital that any underlying problems are ruled out. This might be by visiting your GP and discussing any problems with them. They may then refer you and your child or teen to see other doctors and/or healthcare professionals or for further tests. It is common for the bladder and bowel to impact on each other and looking at both is important in solving any problems. Don’t be surprised when your healthcare provider asks a lot of questions about the bowels when you are reporting bladder symptoms, or vice versa!


We can broadly classify symptoms in children and teenagers into one of three categories:


You might find some more information through some of these sources:

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