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MSc Advanced Clinical Practice (Pelvic Health) - Brunel University London

Course Overview

The MSc Advanced Clinical Practice (Pelvic Health) at Brunel University London is a bespoke program aimed at healthcare professionals seeking to deepen their expertise and leadership in pelvic health. This advanced program blends evidence-based practice, clinical skills, work-based learning, and research to address a broad spectrum of pelvic health conditions affecting individuals of all genders and life stages.


Key Features

  • Tailored Curriculum: Dive into a curriculum that comprehensively covers aspects of pelvic health, including pelvic floor dysfunction, continence, sexual health, and pelvic pain.
  • Expert Inter-professional Faculty: Benefit from the knowledge of leading practitioners and researchers, gaining insight into the latest advancements and clinical practices.
  • Flexible Learning: Designed to accommodate working professionals, the program offers part-time study over 3 to 5 years, integrating distance learning components to enhance flexibility.
  • Work-based Learning: The program is structured to be completed alongside professional work, requiring participants to have a work-based assessor and supervisors to support their learning journey.
  • Research Opportunities: Participate in research projects that tackle current challenges in pelvic health, guided by seasoned mentors.


Who Should Apply

This program is tailored for physiotherapists, nurses, midwives, and other healthcare professionals aiming to specialise in pelvic health, improve patient care, and pursue leadership roles within healthcare settings. It offers an interprofessional learning environment that enriches the educational experience.


Entry Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree in a relevant health or science discipline.
  • Professional registration in the applicant's healthcare field.
  • At least one year of experience working in pelvic health, including conducting internal examinations as part of your practice.


Duration and Structure

Part-time: 3 years, completing two modules per term

Flexible modular approach: 5 years completing one module per term.

MSc ACP (Pelvic Health) Part time:
Year 1:
  • Term 1: PH5642 Assessment and Diagnosis of the Pelvic Health Patient, PH5604 Qualitative Research in Health and Social Care
  • Term 2: PH5643 Management of the Pelvic Health Patient, PH5612 Advanced Clinical Leadership
Year 2:
  • Term 1: PH5652 Working as an Advanced Postnatal Practitioner, PH5603 Quantitative Methods and Design for Health Science Research
  • Term 2: PH5615 Learning and Teaching in Advanced Clinical Practice, Optional module: PH5624 Pain: Contemporary Science and Practice (most popular)
Year 3:
  • Final Dissertation year completing a service evaluation or research across the year.
PgCert ACP (Pelvic Health):

Complete the clinical pelvic health modules along with PH5612 to gain a PgCert ACP (Pelvic Health) within one year, this provides you full membership for physiotherapists to the POGP, structured as follows:

  • Term 1: PH5642 and PH5652
  • Term 2: PH5643 and PH5612


Flexible Modular Approach

Recognising the challenges faced by professionals in balancing education with work and other commitments, Brunel University London offers a uniquely flexible modular approach for the MSc Advanced Clinical Practice (Pelvic Health). This approach allows students to tailor their study timeline over a period of up to 5 years, facilitating a balance between professional duties and academic progression. The pathway through the program can be outlined as follows:

  • Year 1: Begin as an associate student, undertaking one module in term 1 (PH5642) and another in term 2 (PH5643).
  • Year 2: Register for the PgCert by completing two additional modules (PH5652 & PH5612)
  • Year 3: Continue your studies as an associate student, with one module in each term (PH5604 & PH5615).Year 4: Advance to the PgDip stage by finishing two more modules (PH5603 & Optional module).
  • Year 5: Complete the program with a dissertation, culminating your journey towards an MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice (Pelvic Health).

This structured yet flexible approach ensures that students can pace their learning according to personal and professional commitments, making it possible to extend their studies up to a 5-year period. Each module is designed to fit within the usual term period, allowing for assessments to be conducted following the completion of each module.


Advanced Clinical Practitioner Master's Degree Apprenticeship Option

Brunel University London provides an innovative pathway for professionals to advance their education and skills in advanced clinical practice while maintaining their employment through the Advanced Clinical Practitioner Master's Degree Apprenticeship program. This program is an excellent opportunity for healthcare professionals seeking to enhance their qualifications in a practical, work-based setting.

Key Highlights:

  • Funding: The apprenticeship's cost may be covered by the employer through the Apprenticeship Levy, offering a cost-effective way for both employees and employers to invest in further education.
  • Eligibility: This program is suitable for individuals employed in a relevant healthcare setting, with the endorsement of their employer to undertake the apprenticeship. It offers a unique blend of academic learning and practical workplace application.
  • Duration and Flexibility: The apprenticeship is structured to align with the participant's work commitments. Full-time employees typically follow a 3-year pathway, similar to the traditional program, while those working 3 days a week the flexible modular approach. This ensures that learning is directly applicable to the professional context, with work-based projects and assessments enhancing the relevance and impact of the study.

For professionals interested in exploring this avenue, it is advisable to discuss the possibility of enrolling in the Advanced Clinical Practitioner Master's Degree Apprenticeship program with their employers. Additional information on the application process, program structure, and specific requirements can be found at Brunel University’s Advanced Clinical Practitioner Master's Degree Apprenticeship program page.


Start Dates and Location

Start Dates: September each year

Location: Taught online with pre-reading materials and compulsory attendance days, which may be scheduled online or in-person at Brunel University London, UK.


How to Apply

For application details, fees, and scholarship information for the MSc and PgCert programs, visit

For information on the flexible modular approach and continuing professional development (CPD) options, explore the Advanced Clinical Practice CPD at Brunel University London.