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Pelvic Health Advice

The following advice has been written by specialist physiotherapists who are experts in the assessment and treatment of pelvic dysfunction for men and women.

The most common problems we can help with are:

  • Health in pregnancy
  • Bladder problems – leakage, frequency, rushing to the toilet
  • Bowel problems – leakage, urgency, constipation and straining
  • Pelvic pain
  • Sex – painful or difficult intercourse

These are common conditions that can affect men and women at any time in their lives. We can help advise and support or treat you.

You may have noticed a sudden or gradual alteration in the way you go to the toilet; notice you have an intense pain or intercourse is no longer pleasurable. Sometimes other health issues that you have may seem to make the problems worse. It could be due to being less fit or being overweight or maybe you have had a baby, or you are due to have pelvic surgery.

Men and women both have similar pelvic floors, but there are some problems that only men may suffer from and some that are only seen in women. For example:

  • We are mostly likely to first meet a woman when she is expecting a baby. We look after her throughout her pregnancy treating aches and pains or problems with bladder or bowel control. We can also help her prepare for her labour and delivery of her baby.
  • Men can have particular problems with their prostate which can cause dripping of urine following going to the toilet or more significant leakage and erectile dysfunction following surgery
  • Women can experience vaginal heaviness and discomfort and may have a vaginal prolapse

It’s very common for people to feel embarrassed about seeking help but you don’t have to suffer in silence. If you need further help and advice and feel you would like to see a physiotherapist then you can go to find a physiotherapist in your area or alternatively seek further help and advice from your GP.


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