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POGP Booklets

The Pelvic, Obstetric and Gynaecological booklets listed below are available to view and download for free. This change was made in July 2019 to benefit patients and professionals.

Should you wish to purchase booklets in professional paper copy then you can do so by viewing the booklet price list and order form below.

Booklet price list and order form

POGP's Copyright Policy   


Evaluation of POGP patient information booklets

To make sure that the content of any POGP publication remains as up to date as possible there is a review process in place. The POGP education subcommittee is responsible for overseeing the review of a POGP publication and relies on POGP members volunteering to assist in the process The booklet review programme also includes evaluation from the general population.

The ESC wishes to acknowledge both members and its user’s generosity in supporting this process


QR codes

Each booklet has a QR code that can be downloaded and shared to link to each booklet.  

The below QR code links to this page. 

Please download or share this QR code to link to this page.


Fit for Birth

Fit for Birth

Fit for Pregnancy

Fit for Pregnancy

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